LaSRS Notes and Timesheets

Efficient time tracking and meticulous note-taking are essential components of the system, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and quality care provision. Hold fast to specific protocols and guidelines is crucial for maintaining accountability and transparency in various care settings.

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Key Guidelines for Time Tracking and Note-Taking in LaSRS

Here are the information about LaSRS Statres, Notes and Timesheets.

  • Signing Timesheets: The individual or their authorized representative must sign the timesheet at the end of each pay period. If shared supports are involved, verification is required for each individual listed on the timesheet.
  • Matching Time Records: The time recorded on timesheets and notes must align with the clocked-in and out times on LaSRS to maintain accuracy and consistency.
  • Clocking In Procedures: If you forget to clock in at the beginning of your shift, promptly clock in using your cell phone and notify the office to correct your time entry.
  • Submission Deadlines: Timesheets and notes are due in the office on designated Mondays by 10:00 AM to ensure timely processing and compliance with administrative requirements.
  • Login Attempts: Users are allowed 5 attempts to log into the site. Failure to log in successfully will result in being locked out of LASRS, requiring assistance from the office to unlock the account.
  • Account Lockouts: In case of being locked out over the weekend or outside business hours, contact the office on the next business day for assistance with account access or any system-related issues.
  • Note-Taking Protocol: When writing notes, use black or blue ink only and follow a structured format starting with “Shift Begins” and ending with “Shift Ends.” Ensure accurate documentation of activities and interactions with individuals under care.
  • Bathing Procedures: Always check the water temperature when bathing an individual to prevent scalding incidents. Document this check in your notes for thorough record-keeping.
  • Note Sheet Usage: Utilize both sides of your note sheet before starting a new one to maximize space for detailed documentation and maintain organized records.


Following these simple steps for time tracking and note-taking in LaSRS will help you stay organized, communicate effectively, and provide quality care for those you support.