Benefits of State’s EVV System for Providers

The Louisiana State Reporting System (LaSRS) offers a comprehensive solution for providers in the healthcare industry. In this article we’ll explore the various features and benefits of using LaSRS State’s EVV System for Providers, highlighting its user-friendly interface, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency in managing healthcare services.

Benefits of Using the State's EVV System for Providers

Benefits of Using LaSRS State’s EVV System for Providers

Here are the many benefits of using the LaSRS states evv system for providers:

  • Cost-effective Solution: LaSRS is free to providers, making it an affordable option for healthcare agencies to manage their services efficiently.
  • Convenience for Workers: Workers with smartphones can use their own devices to access LaSRS Login, eliminating the need for additional equipment and ensuring convenience for staff.
  • Minimal Data Usage: Providers using LaSRS experience minimal data usage, with an average of only 1% of 1GB per month, ensuring cost savings on data plans.
  • Efficient Time Recording: LaSRS implements the 7/8-minute rounding rule for EVV services, ensuring accurate recording of service durations while meeting federal requirements.
  • GPS Verification: The system utilizes GPS verification of services, complying with the Federal Cures Act requirements and ensuring transparency in service delivery.
  • Automated Checks: LaSRS automatically checks for Medicaid Excluded individuals, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Real-time Access and Reporting: Providers have real-time access to workers, participants, and their services, reducing lag time for reports and enhancing communication.
  • Elimination of Manual Entry: LaSRS eliminates the need for most manual data entry, reducing errors and overlaps, and minimizing staff time for corrections.
  • Accessibility and Compatibility: The system is accessible from any location and any smart device with an internet connection and web browser, ensuring flexibility and compatibility.
Benefits of Using LaSRS  State's EVV System for Providers

New Features in LaSRS State’s EVV System for Providers

Here are some new features are added in LaSRS:

  • Messaging for Supervisors: Now, supervisors can send messages to their staff through LaSRS. They can also see when these messages were read, making communication easier.
  • Time and Attendance Report: LaSRS provides a report showing all the services worked by each Direct Service Worker (DSW), along with the total time for the period. This helps in keeping track of work hours accurately.
  • Self-Service Reports: Individual users, including DSWs, can run their own time and attendance reports. This allows them to keep track of their work hours independently.
  • Non-Billable Services Collection: LaSRS now allows for the collection of non-billable services such as trainings, meetings, and supervisor pop-up visits. This ensures that all important activities are recorded.
  • Payment Mismatch Report: Providers can access a report going back one year from their go-live date. This report details any mismatched payments, including unpaid and underpaid claims, which can be re-billed for accuracy.
  • CPR Training Alerts: Provider agencies can input CPR training dates into LaSRS and receive alerts before they expire. This helps in ensuring that staff members are always up-to-date with their certifications.

You can aslo read about Lasrs Notes and Timesheets if you want to give test for annual training.

New Features in LaSRS State's EVV System for Providers


LaSRS transform healthcare service management by offering a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for providers. With features such as GPS verification, automated checks, and real-time access, LaSRS streamlines operations, reduces errors, and ensures compliance with regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, LaSRS is free for providers, offering a cost-effective solution for managing healthcare services.

Absolutely, workers with smartphones can conveniently access LaSRS, eliminating the need for additional equipment.

Providers using LaSRS experience minimal data usage, with an average of only 1% of 1GB per month, ensuring cost savings on data plans.