How to Assign and Manage Workers and Participants

Being an administrator or stakeholder, assigning work to participants and managing a link between the recipient and provider is crucial for in-home services. LaSRS allows all employers to assign the providers with their relevant tasks with complete authorization by ensuring their profile, their job criteria, documentation and caregiving time with smooth on boarding. 

This article will let you know how to establish a link between participants and providers and how to keep a smooth flow of responsibilities. 

How to Assign and Manage Workers and Participants

Important Factors while managing and Assigning Work

  • Make sure of the orientation before activating their accounts.
  • Keep making links when a certain task is done. 
  • Keep examining the provider’s activity to ensure a smooth connection.
  • Provide multiple training sessions with expiration dates. 

1.Completing Providers Accounts

Initially, the employers must ensure the registration and activation of all the providers. Make sure that they all have taken orientation about effectively using their account. in -home services can be kept under the flow only if the providers are well aware about their role.

2.Registering New Providers 

In case there are new providers, you should make sure of their registration. 

  • Gather their legal data,their complete names, address, Email etc
  • Make their account registered on LaSRS statres website
  • Earlier access to their account brought few changes.
  • Make sure of their orientation before the activation of their account.

3.Linking and Assigning Work

Once you have activated all the provider’s accounts and they have taken proper orientation about their account usage and responsibility, you must connect the provider with the authorized participant for documented work. 

  • To access the provider’s details, search the participant’s profile. 
  • Touch “add Provider” in order to connect the participant and provider.
  • Grant permissions to the provider in order to access the participant.

4.Detecting the Inactive Providers

In order to ensure the smooth onboard flow of assigned work, you must update the system  by removing all the inactive providers who are not serving in-home services. 

  • Find the user account which is not working.
  • Select the “Remove Account”.
  • It enhances the security and manages the work load.

5. Keep Track of the Service Providers

Once you have assigned work to all the active participants, you can keep track of them by checking clock-in\out timings. Supervisor can message the workers as well and can check their attendance too. 


In order to remove obstacles and to ensure smooth flow of tasks, organizations must effectively use LaSRS to manage the work and establish a link between the Participant and Provider. Proving electronic assignment to the providers will make the connection between authorized provider and participant. Continuous update will improve work efficiency and will expose worker demand as per participant. 

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